Using EFT to Create Your Future

Do you suspect that the negative emotions you feel could impact your future? 

When people carry around an accumulation of negative experiences and emotions from the past it's easy to subconsciously project those onto the future, and they then may become a self fulfilling prophecy. For example, if you are going to have a difficult conversation with someone, and you are very tense about it and can't see it going well, it just might not go very smoothly. But, if instead you use EFT to clear your negative emotions, get into an elevated  emotional state, envision things working out well, and attain a "knowing" in your core that it's going to turn out great the odds tend to be much more in your favor.

When we have a negative experience we are often left with not only negative feelings but also beliefs that limit our life experience as we move forward into the future. These become the "limiting beliefs" that, without a tool such as EFT, we may feel helpless to change. Read More...