EFT and Thanksgiving
by Kay Christopher, Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner & EFT Master Trainer

There are many possibilities for using EFT over the Thanksgiving holiday---or any time you want to experience more gratitude. Holidays tend to be times of more intense emotion, both positive and negative. So, you can use EFT to address the negative feelings you may experience, and you can also use it to reinforce feelings of gratitude. And, of course, you can do this not just at Thanksgiving, but during the whole holiday season.

You may have noticed that simply focusing on gratitude tends to lead to an improved emotional state. It makes you feel good! It also has a way of opening you to having more positive experiences in life. So here is a way to use EFT to uplift your emotions: Tap about what you are thankful for!

Here's a way to take this idea a little further. There are three words which have slightly different "vibrations" but which all can lead to improved emotional states. These words are: "thankfulness", "gratitude", and "appreciation". You can use any of these words in conjunction with tapping on your acupuncture meridians. These three words might mean the same thing for you, or they might each have a little different meaning. It can be interesting to experiment with doing one entire EFT round with each of the three words and note your experience.

I'm thankful for _________________
I'm grateful for _________________
I appreciate___________________

THANK YOU very much for sharing my interest in and love for EFT and being part of the community of people who are helping to spread it around the world. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and remember that tapping might help make it even better!

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