Finding Love's Presence

With great enthusiasm, Michael told me how much in love he is with his girlfriend and how amazingly well they connect. They've been together about seven months, and she's moved across the country to live near him to see if things will work out long term.

Mixed with his excitement was also some anxiety. Michaels travels for work and when he is out of town he and his girlfriend always use FaceTime or Skype to visit at the end of the day so they can hear and see each other. However, the previous evening she'd only wanted to talk by phone. Michael felt afraid that meant she was pulling away and was not as "into" the relationship.

Twice before he'd had a similar feeling. He'd felt rebuffed by her in some way. He didn't like it that these experiences made him feel needy towards her, and insecure.


Daily Vacation with EFT

How is your stress level today?

A few years ago I presented a stress management training to group of people from many countries, primarily Europe. The conversation turned to taking time off from work.

One of the participants, someone from Germany, compared the one-to-three week vacations common in the U.S. with what she was used to. "In Germany", she said, "we get six weeks of vacation, and we are required to take three weeks at one time."

"Why", I asked, "must you take three weeks off at one time?"


Using EFT to Create Your Future

Do you suspect that the negative emotions you feel could impact your future? 

When people carry around an accumulation of negative experiences and emotions from the past it's easy to subconsciously project those onto the future, and they then may become a self fulfilling prophecy. For example, if you are going to have a difficult conversation with someone, and you are very tense about it and can't see it going well, it just might not go very smoothly. But, if instead you use EFT to clear your negative emotions, get into an elevated  emotional state, envision things working out well, and attain a "knowing" in your core that it's going to turn out great the odds tend to be much more in your favor.

When we have a negative experience we are often left with not only negative feelings but also beliefs that limit our life experience as we move forward into the future. These become the "limiting beliefs" that, without a tool such as EFT, we may feel helpless to change. Read More...

Using EFT to Create Your Best Year Ever!

Why is it that, according to research at University of Scranton, only 8% of people achieve their New Years resolutions? Why do people end up doing the same thing they have always done instead of making the changes they would like to make?

While people might intend to change, the truth is they are generally emotionally in conflict about changing. Otherwise, changing would be easy. Fortunately, EFT helps resolve internal emotional conflict, therefore making it easier to achieve not only New Year's goals but any kind of goal at any time of year.


EFT for the Holiday

Do you find yourself stressed from too much to do over the holidays? Eating more than usual? Eating too much sugar, or drinking too much alcohol? Not getting enough sleep? Spending too much money? Feeling low on energy?

Although the holidays are supposed to be a season of light and joy, many people have these kinds of experiences during this time of year. Fortunately, EFT is often effective at reducing stress and cravings, and has also been known to help people change unwanted behaviors—not though toughing it out with will power, but with a sense of increased ease.


Your Best Thanksgiving Gift to Yourself

This Thanksgiving Holiday consider celebrating by taking some extra time to do some EFT on yourself. Give yourself the gift of releasing something that is bothering you--and coming out the other side feeling more peace, love, acceptance and gratitude.

In order to ensure that you create the time to tap schedule it in your calendar. Make this time sacred. Treat it as if it is an appointment with a very important person that can't be moved to a different time or interrupted---because it IS an appointment with a very important person: You.


Healing Your Divided Mind with EFT

Do you ever feel like you are in conflict with yourself? You know, one voice in your head says one thing, and another voice says the opposite, and you're not sure which one to listen to? One of the very best times to apply EFT is when you are in inner conflict.


Don't Have Time to Tap?

Do you find it hard to find the time to tap? We lead such busy lives that this is a complaint I hear often. For some people tapping feels like "another thing on their to-do list", a list that is already way too long.

Given how much you could benefit from EFT it makes sense to take a look at how it could be fit into your day in a way that wouldn't take a lot of time and wouldn't add to the time pressures you are already under. Here are some possibilities: Read More...

Everything Is Energy

Einstein helped us understand what the mystics have always told us: Everything is energy, or vibration. This includes not only the physical world, but also our inner world of thoughts and emotions.

EFT offers us the opportunity to bring our personal vibration out of the experience of negative emotions and into the light of more refined, "higher" levels of feeling and thought. Holistic in it's results, EFT addresses mind, emotions, and body, and can even bring about improvements in our outer world. While it is known for solving emotional and physical problems, it also opens the way to live daily life at a higher level of order and experience. 


Using EFT for Cravings

Do you have any cravings you wish you could resolve? EFT might be just what you need.

One of the most common uses of EFT is for food cravings. My clients and students have typically had excellent results in letting go of these, especially when their tapping is focused and specific. Clients have also successfully tapped away cravings for other substances, and even relationships they are addicted to.

Cravings, addictive triggers, and negative thoughts/emotions increase the stress response in the body. However, EFT sends a message to the amygdala in the brain that helps reduce the stress response. Read More...

Peace and Presence

Release your negative thoughts and feelings with EFT and you will find something really interesting. What underlies those thoughts and feelings is something more wonderful than what you could have imagined.

It's a different state of being, a different state of consciousness. You will see the world with a new set of eyes and relate to the world with an improved feeling sense. Read More...

What Should I Say When I Tap?

One of the most common questions people ask is "What should I say when I tap?". First of all, it's a good idea to have a specific target (a specific event, a physical sensation or discomfort in your body, etc.) Once you have that, here is one good way to find some specific words to use.

Just as we have five outer senses (seeing, hearing, feeling/kinesthetic, smelling and tasting) you also have these same five senses in an inner sense. For example, you can see a lemon and pick it up and feel the texture of it's skin. And, you can cut into it and smell and taste it. But you can also IMAGINE seeing a lemon, feeling the texture of it's skin, and smelling and tasting it. You don't have to have a lemon sitting on your counter top to experience a lemon!

When you are tapping on a memory technically the whole memory is internal. But you can still use the external/internal model to help find the aspects necessary to collapsing the issue.