EFT Offered to All Education Workers in Solvenia

Something very exciting has happened in the EFT world. The Slovenian Ministry of Education has offered to pay 75% of the cost of EFT training for all teachers and educational workers in Slovenian secondary and primary schools and kindergarten. 

It is wonderful that a national government has recognized the value of EFT and is providing its highest level of funding for all educational workers. This is due to the dedication and efforts of Pika Rajnar, AAMET Master Trainer of Trainers and Training Board Member. The training will be based around AAMET training materials (these are the same ones I use in my EFT trainings). 

You Tapping & Optimal EFT

If you could change one thing in the way you think and feel for the better what would you choose first?

Something regarding your health? Your relationships? Your finances? EFT can help. Take a few minutes and "aim" it at what you want to change. Sometimes a few minutes is all it takes. And, a few minutes done on a daily basis adds up to significant improvements over time.