Good Targets Are Specific Targets

How can you improve your results with EFT? Good targets are specific targets.
The number one reason why people don’t get better results with EFT is that their tapping target is too big. A "big" target is a
general target. Examples are things like “self-esteem”, “my relationship with my dad”, “the stress at work”, and “my ability to earn money”. If you have self-esteem issues you'll get better results by thinking of one specific memory where self-esteem was an issue for you and tap on that. For example, one moment when someone said something demeaning to you, one event where you were treated poorly as a kid by one of your peers, or one time when you felt like a failure.

In Founder Gary Craig's
Gold Standard EFT we use “specific events” as targets. Specific events are defined as being no more than 2 minutes in length when they happened.  We are working with really small segments of time. Why? Because when you go skinny in terms of the length of time you can go deep with your tapping and more likely get to the root of the issue*. You can generally do better work on yourself with targets that are two minutes or shorter in length. Aiming at a "specific event" typically improves the quality of results with EFT.

* If you are experiencing a lot of emotional intensity it is recommended that you work with the appropriate EFT or healthcare professional rather than working on yourself with EFT.