Expectations and What EFT Can Do

I'd like to bring some clarity to setting reasonable expectations regarding EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) because this is an area that sometimes causes problems for people. You may have noticed that some websites that are marketing EFT (tapping) focus only on stories where tapping resolved a significant problem quickly and completely, with the result seeming almost miraculous. These appear as instantaneous successes and leave the impression this happens all the time.

EFT Founder Gary Craig calls these One Minute Wonders. They do happen sometimes but they are more the exception than the rule and they actually represent only a small percentage of cases. However, they are used to promote EFT and thereby create unreasonable expectations. Then, when people try EFT and they don't experience a One Minute Wonder, they think either EFT doesn't work or they have done something wrong. Some people give up tapping when this happens, feeling very disappointed in the process. Or, they find an EFT practitioner to work with and then feel like the practitioner wasn't very good if they failed to help the client achieve their goal immediately. With more realistic expectations all of this confusion can be avoided.