Daily Vacation with EFT

How is your stress level today?

A few years ago I presented a stress management training to group of people from many countries, primarily Europe. The conversation turned to taking time off from work.

One of the participants, someone from Germany, compared the one-to-three week vacations common in the U.S. with what she was used to. "In Germany", she said, "we get six weeks of vacation, and we are required to take three weeks at one time."

"Why", I asked, "must you take three weeks off at one time?"


EFT for the Holiday

Do you find yourself stressed from too much to do over the holidays? Eating more than usual? Eating too much sugar, or drinking too much alcohol? Not getting enough sleep? Spending too much money? Feeling low on energy?

Although the holidays are supposed to be a season of light and joy, many people have these kinds of experiences during this time of year. Fortunately, EFT is often effective at reducing stress and cravings, and has also been known to help people change unwanted behaviors—not though toughing it out with will power, but with a sense of increased ease.


Using EFT for Cravings

Do you have any cravings you wish you could resolve? EFT might be just what you need.

One of the most common uses of EFT is for food cravings. My clients and students have typically had excellent results in letting go of these, especially when their tapping is focused and specific. Clients have also successfully tapped away cravings for other substances, and even relationships they are addicted to.

Cravings, addictive triggers, and negative thoughts/emotions increase the stress response in the body. However, EFT sends a message to the amygdala in the brain that helps reduce the stress response. Read More...