Can You Get Certified in EFT?

Recently someone sent me an email asking if she could get certified in EFT. This is a common question. Here is what I wrote to her:
There is no official certification process for EFT, however there are two exams you can take, a Basic and an Advanced one. These give you the right to use the EFT-CC (Certificate of Completion) and/or EFT-ADV (Advanced Certificate of Completion) after your name.

The two exams are based on Gary's DVDs. The first one is based on the first DVD series, the most basic one. The other exam is based on the "Ultimate Therapist" series of DVDs. To order the exams go to To read Gary Craig's comments about the Certificates of Completion go to To understand the distinction between legal certification and a certificate of completion go to The Level 1 training doesn't give you a certification. I think you will understand that from reading about legal certification. Levels 1, 2 and 3 do give you training in EFT, though, and that is very valuable, of course.

When you have passed the exams you will be eligible to have a listing on the web site (EFT Master Patricia Carrington, Ph.D. runs this web site). You do not need to have passed any exams to be listed on Gary Craig's web site, however you need to 1) use EFT as a primary technique and not something to merely augment other methods, 2) have applied EFT successfully to over 50 people, and 3) have mastered at least the following two EFT videos: The EFT Courrse and Steps Toward Becoming the Ultimate Therapist.