EFT Client Questions (FAQ's)

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Questions (Answers below):
1. How do I make time for EFT?
2. If I have multiple issues what do I tap on?
3. How do I come up with good setup statements?
4. I have tried EFT but I never feel anything when I tap. What's wrong?
5. How can I get certified in EFT?

1. Question: How do I make time for EFT?
I have a very busy life. How do I find the time in an already over-full schedule to use EFT? I know that for chronic conditions I need to work on them every day.

Answer: You can either plan 5-15 minutes a day to do EFT and/or you can just do one quick round several times a day. An easy way to do this is to start attaching the idea of doing EFT to things you do every day, things like: getting out of bed, using the toilet, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, eating meals, getting into your car, turning on your radio/CD player/DVD player/TV, using your phone and computer, etc. Since it takes a minute or less to do one round of EFT, it is really not an inconvenience. It's more a matter of remembering to do it, and this becomes easy when you connect the idea of tapping to routine activities you do every day.


2. Question: If I have multiple issues what do I tap on?
I have a lot of issues to work on, a lot of different physical challenges. It seems kind of overwhelming. What do I tap on? How can I use EFT to make the most difference? I am so frustrated about my situation!

Answer: In most cases it is best to focus on specifics with EFT. Gary Craig's analogy is that you can either "trim off the tops of the trees in the forest" by being general in your approach (tapping on all of your problems at once), or you can focus on one "tree" (issue) at a time and take it down (reduce the intensity), then another tree and take it down, etc. The advantage to working on one tree at a time is that the root systems of the trees are connected, and by felling several trees you end up taking other trees down as well without having to address each of them individually.

You mentioned that you are frustrated. You might also want to tap on your frustration about the fact that you have so many issues to resolve. That is also a tappable issue, and if you can reduce your intensity regarding your frustration (or eliminate it) the reduction in your stress level would probably be of some help.


3. Question: How do I come up with good setup statements?
My greatest block is coming up with good setup statements (and reminder phrases). I not sure whether to make them positive (what I want to achieve) or a negative (what I'm trying to remember not to do or feel) affirmations. I decided to go for the positive but I am not sure I'm doing the right thing.

Answer: Here is what I would recommend. The positives are not the problem, the negatives are the problem. So you want to be sure to tap on those. You can write down your thoughts and then look at what you wrote to find words to use in your setup statements. EFT Founder Gary Craig encouraged us to focus on specifics as when people are too general they are less likely to get results.

You can use one single phrase for all the tapping points or a different phrase for each tapping point. Feel free to get creative with it and use your intuition. It's a very forgiving process, and as long as your intention is clear and you are hitting the right spots on your body (where the tapping points are) you are likely to make progress.


4. Question: I have tried EFT but I never feel anything when I tap. What's wrong?

Answer: Several of my clients clients who tried EFT before we worked together, and even watched the DVDs, said they experienced no results. Once we worked together they discovered how to use EFT more proficiently and then were able to do it on their own. When I first found EFT I DID have immediate results both when tapping on myself and with clients, which is why I was immediately so excited about it. So I think it can go either way: you can get it immediately on your own, or sometimes it works better to learn from an EFT practitioner or other person who is skilled enough to offer you assistance.

If you are not educated about "aspects" it's easy to think you are not getting results when you actually are. Aspects are the multiple pieces or layers that may need to be tapped on in order to entirely collapse an issue. Sometimes it takes chipping away at a block for a while before a whole iceberg falls off into the ocean. This is also why it's very handy to understand how to use the SUDS scale, so that you can measure the increase in your feeling of relief as you are chipping away at the block. Being specific enough is also important.


5. How can I get certified in EFT?

There are three main EFT certifying organizations. They vary in terms of time and financial commitments so it is wise to research them well before deciding which program to take.

AAMET: Certification program by EFTUnited (USA) in conjunction with the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) which provides certifications in Europe and around the world. The EFT certification in existence for the longest period of time. Kay Christopher is an AAMET Trainer.

ACEP: Designed and managed by Tina Craig, daughter of EFT Founder Gary Craig, in conjunction with the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

EFT Universe: Owned by Dawson Church who has been a great contributor in the area of EFT research.

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