Spiritual EFT

In many philosophical, religious and spiritual traditions it is believed that there are two aspects to a human, physical and spiritual. While we continually experience the world with our physical senses many of us are aware that there is more to us, an invisible aspect that animates our physical bodies. Exactly what this invisible aspect is remains a mystery despite having been discussed at great length by religious scholars and people of all nations and religions. No single idea of what this is has satisfied everyone as it is a very personal experience and something that our limited analytical mind has a bit of a hard time understanding fully.

As an interfaith minister and pastoral counselor it is my intention to receive my clients and their spiritual and religious beliefs (or lack thereof) openly and without judgment. Every person's spiritual path is unique to them, and should be respected. EFT works well no matter what your beliefs are as it fundamentally heals in us the places of confusion and helps make clearer the path to love and wholeness.
EFT is a tool that addresses the invisible aspects of our nature. This includes emotions, mind and spirit. I believe (along with many others) that, at a spiritual level, we are already whole. EFT works on the emotions and mind to remove impediments that keep us from the fuller realization of who we are: our true, pre-existing spiritual nature---our wholeness. When the invisible impediments in emotions and mind are removed we experience improvements in beliefs, thoughts, feelings. These changes can lead to improvements in our bodies and in the larger physical world because it is the invisible world that gives life to the visible world. Flow in the invisible world is reflected in the physical world as improved health, wealth and relationships. The degree of improvement can vary. Sometimes EFT produces results that appear miraculous because they are so fast, and sometimes the changes are subtle but grow over time with continued application.
Spirit or God, by whatever name you call it, is the source of all healing. And EFT is a rather amazing tool for helping us to get out of our own way so Spirit may have a larger impact on our lives and well being. EFT helps to remove stress, judgment, fears, feelings of isolation, feelings of not deserving/unworthiness, not being good enough and so on. These are largely spiritual issues, ones that keep us feeling apart from Spirit and from our own true spiritual nature.
Retired EFT Founder Gary Craig has said, "Although we don't pound the table for God here, I do come at this procedure from a decidedly spiritual perspective. I am an avid student of A Course In Miracles but at no time is any EFT'er asked to follow any specific spiritual teaching." Gary didn't push his spiritual views on his students, and in fact was mostly quiet about this, respectfully allowing each person to find their own way spiritually. It has been clear to me, however, from his educational DVDs and from conversations with him that Gary has always understood the power of EFT to heal spiritually. He has stated, "Every successful EFT session neutralizes a portion of the long list of fears, angers, and guilts that stand in the way of spiritual forgiveness (and thus spiritual peace)." Although retired, Gary is continuing to develop ideas about spirituality and healing.
Gary has also said "In the hands of an artist, EFT can restore clients' lives into the living masterpieces they were meant to be." I am reminded of Michelangelo who would see the sculpture that was imprisoned inside a block of marble and proceed to simply remove all of the marble that was not the sculpture. In a similar way, EFT removes what is not our true spiritual self (negative beliefs, fears, and so on) leaving us more healthy and whole.

EFT is not only effective but it is also very simple to use on yourself. In addition, much like prayer, EFT can be used to benefit others even if they are far across the globe. You can tap on your own body with the person in mind that you want to help. I have personally had some very interesting results with "surrogate EFT" when helping others with a wide variety of issues. This is yet another dimension of the spiritual healing that EFT offers.

Although it may be hard to define the invisible aspect of our being it is clear that EFT helps us reduce the impediments to experiencing more of the health, vitality and aliveness that our spiritual nature promises.

"God enters by a private door into every individual." Ralph Waldo Emerson
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