EFT Videos

Here is a second link to Gary Craig's excellent EFT Intro (same video as above, in case one or the other doesn't work). The EFT Manual, mentioned at the end of the video, is no longer available free but can be purchased here.

EFT Founder Gary Craig's "GaryThink" web site
Go to Official EFT Tutorial

Eric Robbins, M.D. uses EFT in his practice. Listen to what he has to say:

Energy Psychology interview on Larry King Live with Dr. George Pratt

Here is some footage from The Tapping Solution, previously called Try It On Everything. Some of this footage is not in the film:

This two-part interview with Bruce Lipton provides some background on how EFT heals. What I'd really love for you to view is Part 2 as it gives a wonderful explanation regarding healing and improving your life, but Part 1 also provides some good background and is worth watching.

Part 1

Part 2 - Excellent explanation re: healing and the power of EFT