EFT by Phone

EFT works very well by phone. Kay has clients all over the US and even outside the US who work with her by phone. So please rest assured this is a great way to do EFT.

It is a good idea to learn where the EFT tapping points are in advance of your session. If you are not certain just click “
How To Do EFT” to find a diagram and instructions.

If possible it's nice to use a headset/ear phones or a speaker phone. If you don't have these that's just fine. You can hold the phone with one hand and tap with the other, or even rest the phone on a pillow if you want both of your hands free. We also have the option of my doing surrogate tapping for you. (If you don't know what that is I can explain.) There a variety ways to arrange the telephone that can work well.

It's nice to have a glass of water handy during your session. It's also beneficial to have paper and pen available to make notes and record ideas for things you may want to tap on afterward. If you have more than one issue you want to work on please prioritize them and we will get through as much as we can in the time we have for your session.

Fee is $135 for one hour. Generally this is plenty of time as EFT is a very efficient method. If you prefer a two hour session it will be $245. Feel free to call Kay at (512)358-0770 if you would like to discuss what length of session will be best for you.

There are two ways to pay for your session. You may mail a check or money order to:

Kay Christopher, MA, EFTCert-II
PO Box 162483
Austin, TX 78716

Or you may use the PayPal button below.

Some insurance plans cover pastoral services. Kay Christopher does not file any insurance claims and fees are due at the time services are rendered, but if you need a receipt to send to your insurance company for reimbursement just let her know. Pastoral services may also be covered by health insurance Health Savings Account (HSA) plans. In addition, pastoral services may be deductible on your income tax return. Please see your insurance agent and/or accountant to find out if this is so in your case.

If you should need to cancel your appointment 24 hour notice is required (48 is preferred) except in the case of emergency. Full payment is due for missed sessions if 24 hour notice is not given.

Please feel free to call or write with your questions and to discuss the possibilities regarding what EFT can do for you and how we would approach achieving your goals.

EFT Session: 1 Hour $135.

EFT Session: 2-Hours (Single Session, Two Consecutive Hours) $245.

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