More on Gary's New Certification Program

There is some confusion about EFT Certification and designations, so for those of you that are interested this should help clear that up.
Until last Thursday there was no Certification Program in EFT. Gary Craig just announced it in his newsletter. Certification implies a legal responsibility, so Gary is now taking on a legal responsibility by academically Certifying people in EFT.

The new EFT Certification is academic only. That means it is based on a course of study (Gary's DVDs) and exams and does not test a practitioner's actual skill in delivering EFT. There is no way for him to accurately test that, at least not now.

The only other designations I am aware of are the ones by Pace Educational Systems (EFT Master Pat Carrington) to which Gary Craig did give his blessing. These are the EFT-CC (Basic Certificate of Completion) and the EFT-ADV (Advanced Certificate of Completion). (Note: These are "certificates of completion" rather than "certifications".) These are given to practitioners after they pass the exams for them (I have completed and passed both of these). These designations are still legitimate, but as of last Friday Pace is no longer offering the exams. They have been replaced by Gary's new Certification Program. The two Pace exams were created some time ago and are based only on the first two DVD sets in the series Gary created, whereas Gary's new Certification Program has three levels and is based on all nine of the DVD sets he has created. Gary estimates that for each of the three levels it takes about four months of study to prepare for the exams (a year for all three levels).