EFT and Personal and Spiritual Transformation

Do you want to experience more of your potential?
Transform your life into what you intuitively know it could be?

People often are first attracted to EFT because they have a physical or emotional issue they want to change. However, if you go a little deeper it is likely that you will see that EFT offers the possibility of personal and spiritual transformation.


Everything Is Energy

Einstein helped us understand what the mystics have always told us: Everything is energy, or vibration. This includes not only the physical world, but also our inner world of thoughts and emotions.

EFT offers us the opportunity to bring our personal vibration out of the experience of negative emotions and into the light of more refined, "higher" levels of feeling and thought. Holistic in it's results, EFT addresses mind, emotions, and body, and can even bring about improvements in our outer world. While it is known for solving emotional and physical problems, it also opens the way to live daily life at a higher level of order and experience.