Dealing with An Upset Child

Do you have any suggestions for how to use EFT for a child about 8 years of age who is not open to tapping? When upset she usually doesn't want help but sometimes wants a hug.

1) When someone doesn't want help generally they are psychologically reversed. They actually do want help if they need help, but are blocked somehow from being open to receiving it. In this case I think surrogate tapping is very good. I would use something like, "Even though (child's name) is really upset and does not seem to want any help she deeply and completely accepts herself."  "Even though (child) is angry and upset she is a cool kid and accepts herself anyway." "Even though (child) would like to feel better but doesn't know how to get there from here right now she deeply and completely accepts herself."

2) If she is willing to let you hug and console her you can either tap on her, or on yourself for her, at that time. If it doesn't work to tap on or for her, tap for yourself while you hold her. "Even though (child) is frightened and anxious and prefers not to be tapped right now, Mommy wants very much for (child) to feel better so she is going to tap herself for her." Or, if that still is not going to work, "Even though Mommy feels sad because (child) is frightened and anxious I deeply and completely accept myself." And then tap for yourself.

When she is upset, any time you can bring yourself to peace it is going to improve things for her (a least little and maybe a lot) because of your connection to her.