Holistic Healing Fair in Austin

Saturday, October 30
10:00am - 5:30pm

On Saturday, Oct. 30th over 60 holistic practitioners will come together in Austin, TX to offer a wide variety of interesting and effective modalities and information. These include energy healing modalities such as EFT, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Reiki, and others. There will also be a wide variety of intuitive readings and the relaxing and powerful effect of body work such as acupuncture, massage, Rolfing, and chiropractic. Sessions are $20 for 20 minutes (price breaks for more). Sample tasty, healthy foods and while you're at it, try your luck with the Raffle and maybe you'll win one of a myriad of prizes.

Preparing for An EFT Session

This is my email reply to a recent inquiry about how to prepare for an EFT session:

In order to best prepare for your session first I would suggest clarifying your goal for the session: What outcome do you want? 

You may also want to think ahead about what specific issue you want to tap on.

EFT for Victims of Natural Disasters

Recently I provided an EFT presentation for flood victims in the Round Rock area (near Austin) who had extensive damage to their homes. In situations such as a natural disaster EFT is SO valuable. A lot of physical symptoms (muscle tension, pain, sleep problems, etc.) may be related to the stress and once that is relieved the symptoms may also disappear. Also, people tend to not think as clearly after such an event---they have so much to process, and they are tired and stressed. EFT helps people regain clarity of mind by helping to offload the stress.

While the EFT presentation I gave was done a few weeks after the flood happened, it is best to tap as soon as there is a problem. Immediately after the flood I did some tapping with someone who was in great emotional distress and who felt entirely overwhelmed with it all. They had a real shift in their experience and are coping much better with the complexity involved in getting their home back in order. They are using EFT whenever it gets stressful to help regain calmness and mental clarity. EFT has made all the difference!

The people who attended the presentation and were just learning EFT also experienced great benefits in terms of stress relief, pain relief, and gaining a new perspective on the flood and what was still in front them to do. EFT is truly a powerful, effective, user friendly technique!

Reminder: EFT Level 1 (Part 1) Workshop Oct. 23 in Austin, TX

Reminder: EFT Level 1 (Part 1) Workshop this coming Saturday, October 23 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Unity Church of the Hills, 9905 Anderson Mill Rd., Austin, TX 78750

For details please
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If you have questions please send an email or call Kay at (512)358-0770

Hope to see you there!

EFT for Trauma, Oct 14 in Austin Area

Thurs., Oct 14, Round Rock, Tx. Free. 7:00-8:30 PM. This introductory presentation has been arranged for the flood victims of the Round Rock West neighborhood, however everyone is welcome. It will focus on using EFT for stress and anxiety related to a traumatic event. Grace Lutheran Church, 708 Bluff Dr., Round Rock, TX. More info: click here or call (512)358-0770. Sponsored by the Greater Round Rock West Neighborhood Association.

EFT Level 1 Workshop: October 23, 2010, Austin, TX

There will be an EFT Level 1 Workshop on October 23, 2010 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Unity Church of the Hills, 9905 Anderson Mill Rd., Austin, Tx, 78750. You will learn the foundations for doing EFT with skill and will be able to perform EFT on yourself and others with confidence using a variety of techniques. You will understand the fundamental concepts that are essential for making the most of EFT and will learn methods for getting improved results. Led by Certified EFT Practitioner Kay Christopher, EFTCert-II.

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Number One Reason

The number one reason why people do not get better results with EFT is that they are not being specific enough--the idea is being approached too globally. Being angry is a global issue. Being angry at your teacher is still pretty global. Being angry about the time when your third grade teacher said, "You'll never be any good as an artist" is much more specific.