Want to Improve Your Holiday Experience?

'Tis the holiday season. For most people that means added stress. But what kind of stress?

The stress you feel when you are happy and excited about something (planning a big event, going down a ski slope, taking a desirable vacation) is called
eustress. "Eu" means good or well, so eustress is stress that you are happy about. It's still stress, but not bad stress.

On the other hand, if life becomes too busy, if you don't get enough sleep, if finances get challenging, if relatives seem hard to bear, if you can't say no to all the sweets and feel "fat", that's
negative stress. It can suck the joy out of life and even cause physical symptoms.
What can you do about negative stress? 


Thanksgiving and EFT

It is wonderful that, here in the U.S. (and in some other countries, as well), we have a special holiday dedicated to giving thanks, Thanksgiving. A thankful spirit tends to open the heart and let the light within shine outward.

You can use EFT to enhance your experience of giving thanks by tapping while you think about the things for which you feel gratitude. Be specific.

How Does EFT Work? Daniel Benor

If you have ever wondered, "How does EFT work?", there is a new article available that will help you understand better what is known at this point.

Daniel Benor, MD has taken a look at the various explanations for how energy psychology modalities work. He includes Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and the Wholistic Hybrid derived from EFT and EMDR (WHEE). Other techniques are cited but not discussed in detail.


Upcoming EFT Learning Events

Wanted to let you know about these opportunities to learn more about EFT:

1. Would you like to know how to use EFT for physical pain?