Kay Christopher Receives ACEP EFT Certification

Kay Christopher has recently received the "Certified Practitioner of EFT" certification from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

This certification is in addition to the EFT practitioner certifications she already has from:
1) EFT Founder Gary Craig
2) EFT Universe
3) Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques International (AAMET).
She is also already certified as an EFT Trainer with AAMET.


Want To Improve Your Cognitive Function?

A team of researchers at Duke University Medical Center have reported that exercise appears to improve cognitive abilities. This includes the higher mental processes of memory and also the executive functions which include planning, organization and the ability to mentally juggle different mental tasks at the same time. This also implies that exercise might offset some of the mental decline we associate with aging. Good news, yes?

Well, yes UNLESS you don't like to exercise, and then this research isn't very meaningful for you personally. But, you may be able to change that with EFT. In some cases people have been able to use EFT to jump start their exercise program and also to help them continue, once they have started.*