Don't Have Time to Tap?

Do you find it hard to find the time to tap? We lead such busy lives that this is a complaint I hear often. For some people tapping feels like "another thing on their to-do list", a list that is already way too long.

Given how much you could benefit from EFT it makes sense to take a look at how it could be fit into your day in a way that wouldn't take a lot of time and wouldn't add to the time pressures you are already under. Here are some possibilities: Read More...

Using EFT for Cravings

Do you have any cravings you wish you could resolve? EFT might be just what you need.

One of the most common uses of EFT is for food cravings. My clients and students have typically had excellent results in letting go of these, especially when their tapping is focused and specific. Clients have also successfully tapped away cravings for other substances, and even relationships they are addicted to.

Cravings, addictive triggers, and negative thoughts/emotions increase the stress response in the body. However, EFT sends a message to the amygdala in the brain that helps reduce the stress response. Read More...