Featured Certified EFT Practitioner at EmoFree: Kay Christopher

It's a great honor to be the featured practitioner in EFT Founder Gary Craig's most recent emofree.com e-newsletter. In case your missed it, here is what his daughter, Tina Craig (director of the ACEP EFT Program), had to say about my work:

As a practitioner on this [emofree/ACEP] list, Kay is already in outstanding company…yet she still continues to impress me. I am a long time student of win-win negotiation, which requires the confidence to stand for your own position, the respect for another to do the same, and the creativity to find solutions that honor both. Kay certainly has the attitude and the skills for this kind of communication, and I have really appreciated how conscientiously she makes her choices when she knows there are others involved.

Kay has been around EFT for many years, yet still immersed herself in the training process of this program to see how much more she could learn. As a result, she is a highly skilled practitioner who completely understands our mission. She has very strong ethics regarding client care, and I have developed a great deal of trust in her work. Her demeanor is lovely and she has interesting spiritual perspectives as well.