EFT World Hub Gary Craig Tribute Downoads Available by Donation

Downloads of the week of Gary Craig Tribute recorded interviews are available by donation. Visit this page and scroll down to the bottom.
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EFTfree.net, a New Grassroots, Not-for-Profit EFT Library

This is very exciting news!
There is a new web site which has been established to help continue to make available knowledge about EFT. EFTfree.net is a "grassroots, not-for-profit, web-based library dedicated to sharing the art and practice of EFT". It will feature articles from EFT practitioners all over the world and focus and an informational and educational approach rather than commercial. Please take a look.
Click here to visit www.EFTfree.net

EFT World Hub Week Long Tribute to Gary Craig

Gary Williams of the U.K. and EFT World Hub has created a week long tribute to Gary Craig beginning January 10. There will be free access to interviews with EFT Masters and other well known EFT tappers every day for seven days as well as some surprise guests. The tribute will end with a recorded interview featuring Gary Craig with insights into his new film based on work with war veterans. For more information: