Would You Like Some EFT "Inspiration"?

Would you like to feel more inspired about tapping? I think this will help.

Here's what EFT Founder Gary Craig had to say:

"Wanna know what's possible with EFT? Just read this article by Kay Christopher. It includes client skepticism, self-application, surrogate tapping, war trauma, impossible results, pain relief and traumatic dreams. A must read."

How To Make Friends with Stress

Science has told us for decades now that being under a lot of stress is harmful. Research studies have pointed to the myriad of physical consequences of stress, and blamed it for many illnesses and even death.

But new research is telling us that it is the way we THINK about stress that can most harm or help us. If you think stress is harmful or if you think it is helpful, either way you might be right.

One way to think about feeling too much stress, and the physical symptoms it can cause, is that it's a signal to "stop and reassess". It's a signal from your psyche that something needs to change. And, maybe the best way to figure out what needs to change is to use some EFT on the problem.

EFT not only helps to reverse the stress response in the body, but it also provides
cognitive shifts, or shifts in perception. Insights, new ideas, and new awarenesses are common results from tapping. And this change in thinking could lead to useful solutions regarding how you can live with less stress and more joy.