EFT After Taking a Hard Fall

Just received an email message from an EFT clients about a wonderful EFT success. She took a hard fall today and remembered to use EFT. The results are nothing short of miraculous. Love hearing EFT stories as they always are inspiring!


Using EFT for Winning at Poker?

A friend just sent me a link to an interview with someone ("R") who claims to have turned $50 into a million dollars playing poker and using EFT. If it wasn't that R explained his previous experiences with EFT, which make sense to me as a practitioner, I would find this difficult to believe. But I think it might be true, and I think we all might have something to learn from reading how "R" learned and has applied EFT in various areas of his life to improve his success rate. Read More...

Clearing Clutter with EFT

Just in time for "spring cleaning", here is a wonderful new EFT product that will help you eliminate unwanted clutter in your life---material clutter and also the clutter in your head!

EFT Master Carol Look and Rick Wilkes have an exciting new 5 hour CD on "Clearing Clutter with EFT". It will lead you through a wide variety of EFT exercises that will help you release the emotional reasons you have been accumulating all that "stuff"! Releasing the old helps make room for the new and increases abundance in all areas of life. Transcript is included.

Everything Carol Look does is excellent so I know this will be a great product. Both Carol and Rick were featured in the EFT movie "Try It On Everything". For more information about "Clearing Clutter with EFT" visit Carol's web store.