EFT DVDs Update

Gary Craig has sold out of the Intermediate DVD Library. You can still purchase the Foundational and Honors Libraries but these will sell out soon as well. Order before they are gone.


EFT DVDs in Limited Supply

On his blog Gary Craig said that when the EFT DVDs that exist are gone as far as he knows now there won't be any more of them. They are extremely well done and if you have an interest in EFT and want some excellent training I highly recommend them. They have been the path to Certification, although that program will be gone as of January 15th. They are very reasonably priced for what you receive even if you buy one set. If you buy two you receive a 35% discount. If you buy all three sets you will receive a 50% discount.

If you plan to purchase the DVDs would appreciate your using this link as I am an affiliate with Gary Craig:


Gary Craig's retirement is a big change for the EFT community. If I can be of any assistance to you please just let me know.

Gary Craig Announces His Retirement

In his latest EFT Insights Newsletter EFT Founder Gary Craig has announced his retirement. Please see his blog for all the details:


Carol Look's "Business Abundance Now" 4-Day Sale

Carol Look is one of my favorite EFT Practitioners---she's brilliant at EFT, internationally known, and everything she does is always first rate. She's having a 4-day sale on her new product.

For all the details click here: