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Most people who use EFT (tapping) are using it in a pretty basic way. They don't even realize what quality education in Gold Standard EFT would do for their ability to get results.

• Would you like to take a quantum leap in your ability to use EFT?
• Would you like to learn from someone who is trained in Gold Standard EFT?
• Would you like to begin the path towards AAMET EFT Certification?

Optimal EFT Workshop w/Gary Craig

Recently I spent three wonderful days with EFT Founder Gary Craig at his first Optimal EFT Workshop in San Francisco. He has wanted to present this information since the beginnings of EFT but has only recently felt the time was right. 

Optimal EFT is composed of Gary's Gold Standard EFT with the addition of quantum physics and spiritual principles. Gary's own spiritual path is A Course in Miracles, so the spiritual principles he uses are from that body of work. However, many of these spiritual principles are found in other spiritual paths, so to some extent they are universal.

Optimal EFT is not another kind of EFT. It is more a
perspective for using Gary Craig's Gold Standard EFT as it already exists. It provides ideas on how to approach problems and principles about how life works that may be helpful in collapsing issues, thereby moving us toward a more spiritually enlightened experience. Read More...