What is bothering you most right now?

When I first discovered EFT I experimented with it by asking myself a question every morning when I first woke up and every evening before I went to bed. The question is, "What is bothering me most right now, physically or emotionally?"  It turned out to be a great way to discover the power of EFT.

This question is great to use for quickly identifying an issue for tapping. If you are overwhelmed, or if you have several things bothering you at once, this is a great way to narrow your EFT target. If you
collapse it completely (take the intensity to zero), or even just reduce the intensity around that one issue, it may well lighten your overall stress level. Read More...

Dawson Church Interview-free through Sunday

Interview with Dawson Church, Ph.D. of EFTUniverse about energy medicine, epigenetics, how the fight/flight process works in the body, the results of producing adrenalin and cortisol over an extended period of time, and using EFT to reverse the stress response. Free through Sunday only, then available w/purchase. http://theawareshow.com/life/church

Battle Tap EFT Web Site

Battle Tap is a new free website that uses EFT to help public service professionals reduce the disproportionate psychological stress they carry and improve their wellbeing. This includes active and retired service members from agencies who serve the public in efforts to protect our rights and freedoms: Military (Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service), Police, First Responders, Fire Fighters, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, etc. However, the website is free for anyone to use, even if they are not a public service professional. The website can be used anonymously or with a user account in which case progress can be tracked. Please pass the word about this valuable website. For more information visit: https://battletap.org