Gary Craig: "My Final Comments on the EFT World Summit Issue"

Gary Craig has posted another commentary on the EFT World Summit on his blog. Worth reading:

I think the EFT community is at peace again now. Am glad the conflict was short lived. Maybe it was so short due to EFT! :-)

About EFT World Summit Presenters

In light of the recent conflict regarding the EFT World Summit I have been asked my opinion about the presenters. Here is what I know: Read More...

Gary Craig Does Not Approve of EFT World Summit

Just read EFT Founder Gary Craig's newsletter that arrived while I was listening to the EFT World Summit a few hours ago. In it he explains that the Summit was launched without his knowledge and that he is quite unhappy about it as you can see in these comments:


EFT World Summit & Schedule

The EFT World Summit, available free online, starts on Monday, April 20th (7 PM Central time) and lasts 8 days.

There are 18 interviews with some of the top EFT practitioners in the world (several presenters are EFT Masters) and you will be able to hear two a day for each of the 9 days. The lineup is below. You can also purchase CDs of the interviews if you like (that is how the producers are paying for the free stuff) but that is optional.

To find out more and listen in click here:
EFT World Summit