Finding Love's Presence

With great enthusiasm, Michael told me how much in love he is with his girlfriend and how amazingly well they connect. They've been together about seven months, and she's moved across the country to live near him to see if things will work out long term.

Mixed with his excitement was also some anxiety. Michaels travels for work and when he is out of town he and his girlfriend always use FaceTime or Skype to visit at the end of the day so they can hear and see each other. However, the previous evening she'd only wanted to talk by phone. Michael felt afraid that meant she was pulling away and was not as "into" the relationship.

Twice before he'd had a similar feeling. He'd felt rebuffed by her in some way. He didn't like it that these experiences made him feel needy towards her, and insecure.

Michael and I used EFT to tap on the experience of being on the phone with his girlfriend instead of Skype of FaceTime. On a scale of 0-10, 10 being the most "intensity", that event bothered him at a 9. 

This was the first time Michael had ever tried EFT and he was very surprised that, within moments, he felt completely differently about this event. Instead of feeling rejected, he realized that his girlfriend had been very tired and didn't have much to give, and that the phone was simply easier for her to use at that time. Her preference for using the phone instead of FaceTime or Skype wasn't about him at all. It was about her.

When Michael thought about the two other incidents in which he also felt rejected and insecure they had changed in his mind, too. They no longer bothered him. And, the best part of all is that, after tapping, he simply felt love for his girlfriend. Not love mixed with fear and insecurity. Just deep love.

Michael's experience is a good example of EFT's ability to remove impediments to the experience of love—not just romantic love but love of all kinds.

I hope you, too, are finding more love in your life through EFT.

If you want any help just let me know.