When You Look Into the Future How Do You Feel?

When you look into the future how do you feel?

It's a big question, I know. And, an important one. 

The answer depends on what part of the future you are thinking about. If you contemplate something joyful on the horizon you feel joy. If you contemplate something you are going to have to do but you feel inadequate to the task you feel anxious or nervous. If you think about having to confront someone who has lied you feel anger or disappointment. These events are not even happening except in your mind, yet you feel the emotions in the present as if the future was now.

We know that EFT can help us feel better about the past, but can it help us feel better about future? 

My experience is definitely yes, it can. I have experienced it personally many times, and have seen it often with clients. Changing the way you feel about the future not only provides some emotional relief but may also improve the way life works out for you because your negative emotions aren’t impeding your positive progress.

How do you go about tapping about something that is a future concern? Basically, you think about it, measure how much it bothers you using the 0-10 scale that we typically use with EFT, and then tap. Sometimes that’s all you need to know. However, there are some additional tips that can really improve your results. I'll be covering these in upcoming blog posts.