When EFT Has Solved Your Problems

What should you do when EFT has solved your "problems" and it seems like there is no big issue to resolve any more? Here is some insight about how to use EFT to reduce anxiety about future events and to perform at your very best.
Received an email from a client who had a significant issue that we resolved with EFT letting me know how well things are going now. Here is a portion of the email:

"I wish I could say I've been using EFT, but I've just been so darn content. (What a problem, eh?)  You do remind me that I have areas where it could help. I may need to work on some anxiety I have about producing the "perfect" results!  It's not at a problem level at all, but maybe a little tapping might get my focus to the best place to be efficient and effective."

Here is my reply:

It's great that you haven't "needed" tapping because things are going so well. Actually, this is where tapping can be a great deal of fun, both in the way you described (anxiety about producing the "perfect" results) and also in any situation where you seek high performance.

You can "future tap" (imagine something coming up in the future and notice if you have any intensity about any pieces of it) anything that is causing anxiety and this can help you to perform at your best. Have seen many cases of this, and as I said earlier this is where EFT really gets fun. It's nice to use it beyond solving problems and to allow us to bring our best selves to any situation.

Some people hard to find time to do EFT so it's possible to do just a round or two when you first wake up, any time you find yourself waiting, and when you do repetitive tasks (like each time you get in the car you could do one round, each time you are about to make a phone call, etc.). You can create "anchors" to remind yourself to tap, if you choose to do that. Then it's best to also periodically stop for longer periods to do more focused tapping.

EFT is wonderful for solving problems but it is also excellent for helping us perform at our best and experience the fullness and abundance that life offers.