Clear Your Future of Negative Emotions

When you imagine the future are there any upcoming events that bring up negative emotions?

While EFT is often used to reduce the negative feelings associated with a past memory it can also be used to improve feelings regarding an upcoming event. Recently a client was feeling inadequate, unprepared, and anxious about an upcoming meeting. She was going to ask the person she was meeting with for some help envisioning a career change. When she imagined the future meeting she experienced feelings of awkwardness, discomfort and a sense that it was likely she wouldn’t be successful in achieving her goal.

We used EFT to "aim" at what she imagined, taking it apart emotionally until she could no longer imagine being unsuccessful. In fact, excitement replaced the negative emotions to such an extent that she couldn’t wait to arrive at the meeting to have the conversation!

The conversation turned out to be successful, and resulted in my client unexpectedly getting work in the area of her new career direction. It turned out better than she imagined and it set her on a course that will help ensure success in her new career.

For best results when using EFT on an upcoming event use these tips:
  1. Select a “specific event”. That means creating a movie in your mind that, were it to happen, would be no longer than two minutes in length.
  2. Use the 0-10 scale to measure your “intensity” or how much the imaginary event bothers you. When you are learning it is better to select events that are a 5 or below. Once you have the technique down you can work with events of greater intensity. If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of working on an event because it is too intense it’s best to schedule a session with a qualified EFT practitioner.
  3. Find the emotions that are causing the intensity. Name them, and bring them to zero one at a time.
  4. Keep going until the event is a zero. Done properly, no matter how hard you try you will no longer be able to get intense about the imagined event.

What upcoming event is bothering you? If you tap you might be able to change the way you feel---and how it plays out.

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If you have any questions let me know. And, I’d love to hear from you about your results so please
send me a message after you try the technique!