EFT for Weight Loss Bringing Up Old Memories

One of my students recently wrote about using EFT for losing weight. She said that a lot of things were coming up and "it seems that the last 20 years of life is involved. A lot of stuff." She was asking if this was something that is typical.
People generally overeat for emotional reasons. It is often the case that the tendency to use food for emotional reasons began early in life. So it is not unusual to find memories and feelings to tap on from years ago. And in fact, this can be very productive not only for weight loss but for regaining a sense of personal peace and emotional freedom in general.

I like to say that we have three kinds of mind: 1) the analytical, intellectual mind, 2) the mind of Spirit, 3) and an emotional "mind". Whereas intellectually or logically we may know one thing, emotionally things can be very different. So while we may logically know when we are eating too much food or the wrong kind of food that type of behavior can be driven by emotions that are not "logical" (except in their own domain).

For weight loss it is good to tap on the emotions you have about food, eating, weight loss, your body, etc. Using EFT for weight loss does take people into awareness they were not entirely conscious of before. These new awarenesses help increase options when it comes to food as well as creating more "emotional freedom" in other areas of life at the same time.