The Key to Making EFT Simple!

In some ways EFT is so simple: Select a target and tap. Don’t choose too big of a target, smaller is better. Tap until, on a scale of 0-10, you are at a 0.

It gets complicated by thinking that you have to tap a different way for different problems. You actually don’t. You tap in the same way whether you are dealing with emotional trauma, a head cold, or you are mad at Jerry about what he said to you. The principles of effective tapping remain the same, no matter what the target is.

The biggest problem people have with EFT is they bite off too big a bite at once. And, they also wander around and don’t stay focused on one problem at a time. A lot of YouTube EFT videos do this, and I don’t think that type of EFT video is that helpful. It is much better to learn how to select a good target and then stay focused on that until you “collapse” it to zero. Generally speaking, the more specific you are with your target the better.

For example, if you experienced a trauma you want to find a tiny slice of time to focus on for your tapping. Why? Because your brain is capable of generating a TON of experience in seconds, and it is in allowing the blocked energy of experience to flow that the disruption causing the negative emotions will resolve. (If the trauma was a big one I recommend you get professional help—it will make it a lot easier on you and you’ll get better results.)

If you have a head cold and you want to tap be specific. Where do you feel it in your head, exactly? What does it feel like? How big is the sensation? Tap and check to see if it moves or morphs, both signs that you are making progress. Keep tapping until you get to zero or need to take a break, whichever happens first. Then, if needed, work on it a little more and keep observing your progress along the way.

If you are mad a Jerry for what he said focus on a few words he spoke, the ones that get to you the most. Tap on those words until the negative emotion fades away. It might take one round of tapping or it might take a dozen or more. It depends on how much is there that needs to be released.

Don’t make EFT harder than it really is—keep it simple. Learn to create a specific target. That is the most important thing. And then, once you have that, feel free to use whatever words you want in order to aim at that target. You can simply repeat the same words over and over (that
does work), or you can vary your words. That is not going to matter nearly as much as selecting a specific target and then sticking with it until you get to zero.