EFT: Logic or Emotion?

Have you ever felt frustrated about knowing something logically, but not being able get your feelings on the same page?

For example, "
Logically I don't need to be afraid of giving that speech next Tuesday, but emotionally I'm scared." Or, "Logically I know I should let go of what Betsy said, but emotionally I still resent it." Or, "Logically, what is bothering me happened a long time ago, and I shouldn't be letting it still bother me emotionally."

This kind of incongruence is common when the logical and emotional parts of our brain are not in sync about an issue. Fortunately, EFT is wonderful for solving this kind of dilemma. It's great for getting the two parts of the brain to talk to each other and finally come to peace!

After tapping this person
might conclude, "I'm not afraid to give that speech any more. In fact, now I'm looking forward to giving my audience really great information!" Or, "I don't know why I was ever afraid to give that speech. Now it seems like no big deal." Or, "Oh, now I realize the reason I was afraid to give that speech is because when I was in third grade my teacher embarrassed me in front the class. That happened a long time ago and is no longer affecting my performance today."

When logic tells you one thing and your emotions tell you something else EFT can be used to shift yourself into an improved experience. If you are dealing with a complicated or particularly upsetting issue
consider working with a certified EFT practitioner. Their more advanced skills will make it easier for you to be successful with EFT.

If you are experiencing conflict with logic vs. emotion tapping is a good way to find resolution.